Russian Brides: Who Are They, How To Meet Russian Women and Dating Tips

A lot of men try to find wonderful wives among Slavic women. These brides are famous for their good nature and beauty. Among various countries, it may be difficult to select one. However, if you want something special, then you should consider Russian mail order brides. Girls from this country have conquered the world with their beauty and kind heart. With traditional family values, they become not only reliable wives but also wonderful mothers.

Here you can learn more about them, including where to meet Russian brides, their preferences, dating tips, character, and appearance traits. This is helpful information that will increase your chances of winning a wonderful Russian bride.

Nice Facts About Brides From Russia

Russian brides are very beautiful, nice, hardworking, intelligent, independent, and loyal. In addition, they are excellently dressed, well-groomed, and always prove their good taste. Many men appreciate this. Most Russian mail-order brides want to enjoy their lives without hardship and poverty. Shopping, going out, partying, flirting – these are the hobbies of many Russian girls for marriage. What may sound lavish at first glance, on the other hand, makes up for it in their friendly and charming manner.

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Typical Appearance Of Beautiful Russian Women

Russian brides, who are particularly feminine, usually have a rounded, soft face, a rather small nose, and a slightly flattened chin. Girls from Russia are described with a high level of attractiveness, which makes them so desirable for men. They attach great importance to their appearance. Women prefer tight clothing that can be very expensive and like to wear shoes with high heels. This not only applies to parties but also in everyday life.

Women from Russia love to flirt with their charms. Short skirts and fashionable boots are very popular. Most brides from Russia have very good figures. They are slim and tall but still curvy. They are very fond of makeup and often have well-groomed fingernails, and have eye-catching hairstyles.

Ways To Meet Russian Singles

Each of the options offers possibilities to meet single Russian women. Depending on personal preferences, you are able to select the most convenient option. It is necessary to mention that you need to keep in mind the positive and negative sides of every option.

Dating Websites

To develop relationships on distance with Russian wives online, there are plenty of dating websites. They exist for many years and offer a great number of online dating options. On the internet, it is better to find a reliable platform, which connects singles with girls from Russia.

To enjoy online dating, you will need to register an account. It does not take a lot of time, and in most cases, it is completely free. Then, you are able to use the search tool to find a lovely woman. All members of dating websites have profiles. They are personal pages that contain all the general information about a person. By reviewing profiles, you are able to find a girl who matches you.

Matrimonial Services

In case you would like to save time and effort and just get a Russian bride for sale, then you need matrimonial agencies. They are popular among Russian women who dream of international marriage. Brides also create profiles, but they indicate more reliable information about children, habits, income, occupation, interests, language skills, etc.

At marriage agencies, you will be able to review profiles of Russian mail order brides in order to choose the most compatible. As both of you are interested in marriage, on several dates, clients built up feelings and plans for a mutual future.

Traditional Dating

If you do not like to use Russian wife finder tools, traditional dating Russian women is always available. It is the most romantic way to find a wife. Speaking about Russian women, you can either travel to this wonderful country or find these brides in your city. A lot of girls from Russia travel around the world and even live in diasporas.

In case your hometown is not so popular among tourists, you can make a wonderful trip to Russia. Local people are very hospitable and friendly. Many of them know English at a level to help. It is better to select large cities, as chances to meet wonderful girls from Russia are higher. Speaking about the place where to go, you should not rely just on nightclubs and pubs. Girls from Russia do not mind talking to you, even in streets, parks, stores, and other public places.

Common Character Traits Of Russian Women For Marriage


Russian women are kind to people, and they help each other. They have a strong feeling of mutuality, and it seems that they take it for granted to help. In addition, if you have any questions, it is a characteristic of girls from Russia to ask strangers immediately. There are many people who kindly answer what they are asked, so there is no hesitation in asking people something.

Family Values

Russian family is very friendly and hospitable. All guests are kindly treated. Most women treat their parents and relatives with respect. The same goes for the parents of husbands. It is one of the why these women for marriage are so popular among foreigners.

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In Russia, there is an idea that eating and drinking is not something you do alone, and you share bread and tea with strangers who face each other by train and eat together. In a sense, there is a lonely place that hates being alone, and it has the friendliness and liveliness of getting involved and eating.

The Russian Roots of the East Slavs are said to have respected their parents and preferred to serve their guests with food and drink. The customs and traditions that are full of humanity may still remain.


While checking profiles of every Russian mail order bride, you will be pleasantly surprised to see decent higher education. Most women from Russia aim to gain knowledge as it allows them to find a decent occupation.

Speaking about foreign languages, English is very popular. These brides also study French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Thus, you should not worry about understanding each other.

How Do Russian Mail Order Wives Feel About Marriage?

Girls from Russia would very much like to get married and be a good partner who supports their husband. With a Russian mail order wife, you receive a balanced, happy, and lifelong relationships. The family comes first for these brides. Girls from Russia, in particular, are known to be able to manage household, children, and careers all at the same time.

What To Expect From Russian Wife?

A typical Russian bride is still very conservative and traditional compared to her western counterpart. Values and educational patterns that have shaped her deeply since childhood, which also includes an incomparable feeling of devotion to men.

Most western men long for the loyalty and devotion that Russian women can give them. Of course, Western brides are also loyal to their husbands, but mostly not as much as Russian brides.

With the feminine traits that Russian brides have, they appreciate the men who can properly take care of them. It is one of the main reasons why a lot of men want to marry Russian brides. As soon as you succeed in winning a Russian mail order bride over, the love and devotion she shows you and your family is unimaginable.

For these brides, their husbands are high on their list of priorities, and no matter what, they would never do anything to deliberately anger them. Although some brides in the West also have these characteristics, they are not opposed to their Russian counterparts. This is mainly due to Russian culture, its norms, and values. Their way of life revolves around the happiness and well-being of the family.

With that in mind, a Russian woman would give up her career and independence just to make sure her family was happy. Girls from Russia also have this urge to see their husbands happy and satisfied at all times. Women have strange obligations that might seem ridiculous to normal men.

What Do Pretty Russian Girls Expect From Men?

Girls from Russia prefer “real” men who have and represent their opinion, pursue ideals, and ambitiously pursue their goals. A Russian woman will support her husband with all her heart. The qualities of a man, to which the woman attaches great importance, include self-confidence, determination, assertiveness, honesty, respect, and good manners.

Brides expect a gentleman and gentleman who is polite, pay the bills, and holds the door open. In addition, he should be technically gifted and offer the woman security.

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Tips On Dating Russian Brides

Take The Lead

Another aspect of being a real man is becoming the head of the family and acting accordingly. Although most girls from Russia have university degrees and good jobs, they prefer to stay home and look after their families than compete on the corporate ladder with their husbands.

They admire men who can be the head of the family and take complete responsibility for all decisions. Men who look after their parents in old age are considered real masters who love their families, which girls from Russia cherish more than anything.

Be Gallant

Girls from Russia are very feminine and act feminine. They expect their husbands to act like men so that, in return, they can act like real brides. They expect a gallant and polite approach. Holding the door open, holding her hand when she gets out of the car, and pulling her chair forward – this is something most Western brides would not expect their husbands to do, but Russian brides do.


Girls from Russia are very grateful and not at all materialistic. They would never ask for expensive gifts like diamond rings and necklaces. However, if you pamper them with something nice now and then, then they will definitely experience how sensual sheer gratitude can be. These women adore flowers. It is not obligatory to bring them for each day, but a bouquet on special occasions is very important.