Japanese Brides: Who Are They, How To Meet Japanese Women and Dating Tips

A lot of people dream about finding love and becoming happy in marriage. Speaking about men, they consider brides from various countries. In the modern world, relationships on distance are very common. With a large variety of choices, men make a decision based on the appearance and cultural background of a person. Those who dream about meeting an Asian beauty consider dating a Japanese mail order bride.

The brides from Japan have very special charms and character traits that distinguish them from western women, but also women from other parts of Asia. They have a good understanding of a very pretty and stylish appearance. Due to charm and erotic charisma, many men would like to get to know the Japanese mail order brides.

If you are also interested in these wonderful women, then this article will be helpful to you. It has valuable information on where you can find Japanese mail order brides, their common character features, appearance, preferences, and tips to be successful in dating.

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Get To Know The Appearance Of Beautiful Japanese Women

The women from Japan are usually small, petite, and slim and are therefore often perceived as sweet and cute. The hair color is dark, the eyes also and almond-shaped. The skin is often soft and light because Japanese women like to use creams, lotions, and cosmetic products of all kinds.

Nowhere in the world are there so many slim people because the Japanese eat very healthily, and Japanese mail order wives also have such a dreamy complexion. They prefer to dress elegantly and stylishly. This is a tradition in Japan, just like a feminine appearance.

Common Character Features Of Pretty Japanese Girls For Marriage

In relationships, it is important to have a mutual understanding. It can be achieved by paying attention to the inner world of the person. Therefore, it is highly recommended to learn more about the character peculiarities of brides. To help you here are collected their common character traits.


Brides in Japan are very educated. School educational level provides enough knowledge to start working. However, most women prefer to apply to universities. It greatly improves the chances of getting better jobs and have a successful career.


Most women in Japan do not express their emotions in public. They prefer to keep them inside as it means that they are strong. However, while building up relationships and in marriages, women open, what allows you to understand brides better.


Most women in Japan work and build up a career. It is quite common to be independent of the family. Even with a simple occupation, you are able to earn enough. With long years of experience, even a financial situation improves.

Japanese Women For Marriage – What Should Be Considered?

While preparing to start a family with a future Japanese mail order wife, it is better to figure out what papers you need to prepare. By having them ready in advance will save you time and effort. If the husband is required to provide a certificate of marital status, this will be issued by the home parish. The following documents are also required:

  • Passport;
  • Certificate of residence;
  • Japanese family register excerpt if divorced;
  • The divorce decree or the family register excerpt showing the date of divorce;
  • If widowed, the death certificate of the ex-spouse.

If you are a resident of Japan, your passport, certificate of residence, and civil status ID are required. All documents must be a maximum of six months old and are required to be translated and notarized.

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Ways To Encounter Japanese Singles

One of the most interesting parts of this article is how you can find Japanese girls to marry with. In the modern world, exist various means of communication, which allow people to get in touch with a person on large distances. Still, dating in person exists and is the most common way to find someone. All of the ways has some benefits and drawbacks. Thus, it is better to know what to expect from every option, and it will be easier to select the most suitable one.

Traditional Dating

The most romantic way of dating is to meet a Japanese bride in person. It provides you with possibilities like eye contact, sharing emotions and experiences, kissing, hugging, giving gifts, etc. All these points help to build up wonderful relationships.

However, to encounter lovely Japanese brides, you may need to take a trip as most of the beauties are in Japan. It means that you will need to have a wonderful vacation in Japan to enjoy traditional dating.

There is a great variety of places where foreigners may go in order to meet some local women for marriage. As you expect a bride to speak English, then large cities are better destinations. There you can find hubs where Japanese brides go to practice their language skills. Drinks, snacks and some tasty dishes can also be found there.

It is necessary to mention that places devoted to dates of random people are quite popular in Japan. By visiting them, you will be able to enjoy communication with beautiful local brides. In addition, group dates are very popular. If you have a Japanese friend, ask him to arrange a group date or recommend you to local women, it will be simpler to meet someone.

Dating Websites

In case traditional dating is quite challenging, you can always try dating websites. It is a popular option to build up relationships on distance. This industry exists for plenty of years, and there is numerous matching platform. In order to successfully find Japanese wives online, it is better to use a dating website focused on Asian and Japanese brides. You can also use general websites, but the percentage of Japanese mail order brides will not be very high.

The online dating process is very similar to the traditional. You just communicate and date using features of the website. In the beginning, you join the dating platform and make your personal page attractive. The main advantage of online dating is the possibility to review profiles. They have information about a person that allows you to simply select someone who matches your preferences.

The communication goes through chatting. At some dating websites, you are able to send photos, make video calls, or talk just using audio. To get full access to website features, you need to buy a better membership. Safety is also a strong point. Dating platforms care about protecting the personal data of members.

Mobiles Apps

With the development of smartphones, almost everyone uses them to spend time on the Internet. The online dating industry also has something to offer. The mobile dating application is very similar to the websites. They have all the same features with some improvements.

Many apps offer searching in the area around the user. It means that you can adjust the range to see who is online. Moreover, with a list of filters, you can check whether there are Japanese brides in your area who are looking for relationships.

Matrimonial Services

In case you dream of having a Japanese wife and a happy family, then you should consider matrimonial services. They are marriage agencies that aim to connect two people who prefer serious relationships. Many of them are international, which makes finding Japanese brides simpler.

By applying to them, you also prepare a personal page. It contains general information about occupation, hobbies, interests, religion, preferences, children, and everything else important to have wonderful relationships. Photos and videos are also common.

After that, service agents check the database to see find a candidate for you. In most cases, they offer several to choose from. With the possibility to review profiles, it is easy to get a Japanese bride for sale.

After finding a Japanese woman that matches you, begins the dating step. As both of you have similar interests and dreams of a lovely family, it is easier to develop relationships. As a result, you end up in a marriage with a wonderful person.

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Japanese Brides At Matrimonial Services

Matrimonial services are popular Japanese wife finder tools. Many brides use them when they want to meet a decent person for relationships. However, every client has personal reasons to use them. Thus, you cannot be sure what the goal of a registered mail order bride is. Here are some of the common purposes.

  • Arranged marriages. Nowadays, such a marriage still happens. Parents want the best future for their children. Thus, matrimonial services allow them to find decent candidates for brides. Most parents pay attention to their occupation and habits. Alternatively, some Japanese brides would like to have an arranged marriage with a person they have chosen.
  • Foreigners. A lot of Japanese women dream about meeting a foreigner. Americans are especially popular as the USA culture is very widespread in Japan. Foreign men are more romantic than local. In Japanese culture, it is not very common to say words of love, while women want to hear them. Many matrimonial services are international, which makes it easier to achieve such a goal. International couples are popular nowadays.

What Does A Japanese Woman Expect From Men?

Quite often, Japanese mail order brides dream of meeting a decent person who is ready to treat them properly. The annual profit is not always the most important point, but you need to have a job and career. Western European men are popular with many Japanese women. Most brides long for a man who can take good care of them and their families.

Tips On Dating Japanese Women

  • Learn some Japanese as not every bride speaks English.
  • Gifts help to improve relationships;
  • It is important to spend time together;
  • Japanese brides prefer polite and honest men.